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Places to Visit in Araku Valley

Places to Visit in Araku Valley

Popularly known as the Ooty of Andhra Pradesh, Araku Valley is a beautiful hill station in the district of Vishakhapatnam in Andhra Pradesh. It is located amidst the dense and thick forests of the Eastern Ghats Mountain range and is a great holiday destination to spend quality time with loved ones. The natural abundance of the hills, rivers, and valleys will make anyone fall in love. It’s the perfect escape for those looking to take a break from their monotonous life and enjoy the serenity and tranquillity of nature. 

The best time to Places to Visit in Araku Valley is during winter, between December to February. And you can also take part in numerous activities such as sightseeing, trekking and caving, among others, with much to explore. From the Araku waterfalls, also known as the Ranajilleda Waterfalls and the Coffee Museum, to the Tribal Museum and Borra Caves, among others, here is a list of Places to Visit in Araku Valley. With this short guide, you can effectively plan a fun and interesting trip to the valley. 

Here are some places you should consider visiting in Araku Valley:

Borra Caves:

Exploring Araku Valley & Borra Caves - Vibrant Footsteps

Famous for its stalactite and stalagmite formations, the Borra Caves are a natural wonder. The caves are well-lit, making it a fascinating experience for visitors.

Katiki Waterfalls:

Katiki Falls Vizag (Timings, Entry Fee, Images, Best time to visit,  Location & Information) - Vizag Tourism 2023

Surrounded by lush greenery, Katiki Waterfalls is a serene and beautiful cascade. The trek to reach the waterfall is also enjoyable for nature enthusiasts.

Padmapuram Gardens:

Padmapuram Gardens

A well-maintained botanical garden, Padmapuram Gardens is known for its lush greenery, well-manicured lawns, and a variety of plant species. The toy train in the garden is a popular attraction.

Coffee Museum:

File:Coffee Museum, Araku Valley.jpg - Wikipedia

Araku Valley is famous for its coffee plantations, and the Coffee Museum provides insights into the coffee-making process. It’s an educational and interesting stop for coffee lovers.

Tribal Museum:

Tribal Museum, Araku

Learn about the rich tribal culture of the region at the Tribal Museum. The museum showcases traditional artifacts, clothing, and artifacts that highlight the lifestyle of the local tribes.

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Ananthagiri Hills:

Ananthagiri, Alluri Sitharama Raju district - Wikipedia

A tranquil hill station near Araku Valley, Ananthagiri Hills offers breathtaking views of the surrounding landscapes. It’s a great spot for nature walks and trekking.

Chaparai Water Cascade:

Very nice Water Cascade. A must visit place, when you are in Araku -  Reviews, Photos - Chaparai Waterfalls - Tripadvisor

A serene waterfall amidst thick forests, Chaparai is a peaceful place to relax and enjoy nature. The surrounding area is perfect for a picnic.

Dumbriguda Waterfalls:

Katiki Falls Vizag (Timings, Entry Fee, Images, Best time to visit,  Location & Information) - Vizag Tourism 2023

Another beautiful waterfall in the region, Dumbriguda Waterfalls is known for its pristine surroundings and the refreshing atmosphere.

Tyda Nature Camp:


If you’re looking for an adventurous experience, Tyda Nature Camp offers activities like rock climbing, trekking, and bird watching in the midst of nature.

Sangda Waterfall:

Tadimada Waterfalls Araku Valley | Timings, Entry Fees, Best Time to Visit

A lesser-known gem, Sangda Waterfall is a hidden beauty surrounded by dense forests. The journey to reach the waterfall is an adventure in itself.

Gosthani River:

Gosthani River In Andhra Pradesh | Things To Do - Sea Water Sports

The Gosthani River flows through the Araku Valley, offering scenic spots along its banks. Take a leisurely stroll or enjoy a peaceful picnic by the river, taking in the tranquility of the surroundings.

Galikonda Viewpoint:

Araku Valley - A day in the lap of the Ananthagiris notinnorth - Tripoto

For panoramic views of the entire Araku Valley, head to Galikonda Viewpoint. The viewpoint offers a breathtaking perspective of the hills, valleys, and coffee plantations, making it a must-visit for photography enthusiasts.


Matsyagundam - Religious Places - Hello Vizag

A small pond nestled in the midst of hills, Matsyagundam is a peaceful spot known for its clear water. It’s believed that the pond is home to a variety of fish, adding to the charm of the location.

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Chitrakoot Waterfalls:

Jagdalpur Chitrakote Tirathgarh – Land of Waterfalls

Located near Borra Caves, Chitrakoot Waterfalls is a scenic cascade surrounded by lush greenery. The falls are especially beautiful during the monsoon season when the water flow is at its peak.

Dandeli Wildlife Sanctuary:

Dandeli Wildlife Sanctuary – Kaziranga National Park and Tiger Reserve ~  Tour Packages & Safari Bookings Official

While technically not in Araku Valley but in proximity, the Dandeli Wildlife Sanctuary is worth a visit for nature and wildlife enthusiasts. The sanctuary is home to diverse flora and fauna, including elephants, tigers, and various bird species.

Araku Tribal Dance Museum:

Narsipatnam Online

Immerse yourself in the vibrant culture of the local tribes by visiting the Araku Tribal Dance Museum. Experience traditional dances, music, and art forms that showcase the rich cultural heritage of the region.

Coffee Plantations:

Visit These Coffee Estates In Coorg & Learn To Appreciate Caffeine Dose's  Better! | WhatsHot Bangalore

Don’t miss the opportunity to explore the coffee plantations that dot the landscape of Araku Valley. Many plantations offer guided tours where you can learn about the coffee cultivation process and, of course, taste some freshly brewed local coffee.

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File:Ghat road to Paderu.JPG - Wikipedia

Visit the local market to experience the tribal way of life, and enjoy the scenic drive to reach this charming destination.

Valley of the Wind:

Araku Valley Tourism, India: Places, Best Time & Travel Guides 2023

It’s a perfect spot to relax, unwind, and appreciate the natural beauty of Araku Valley.

Araku Valley, with its blend of natural wonders, cultural marvels, and adventure escapades, promises an unforgettable journey. Plan your visit, immerse yourself in the rich culture, and let the beauty of Araku Valley leave an indelible mark on your soul.

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